Deeptech Startups

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Through high-performance Deep Learning algorithms, DeepEcho has created a software-based solution to analyze and make an early prenatal diagnosis via ultrasound scans to ensure the timely treatment of high-risk pregnancies. In addition, minimally trained clinical professionals can also use DeepEcho in nontraditional healthcare settings.
ATAREC (Advanced Third Age Renewable Energy Company) has developed the first pilot platform, WaveBeat, for wave power in Morocco. It is a patented solution that exploits wave energy through a mechanical-hydraulic system to produce green energy
Akorn Technology
Founded in 2019, Akorn is a startup that uses upcycled, US, non-GMO corn by-products to manufacture all-natural, clean label, non-GMO, plant-protein-based edible coatings platform for whole and cut fresh produce. Akorn coatings double or triple fresh produce shelf life and deliver long-lasting and safe produce. Its mission is to promote better nutrition and taste and prevent food waste throughout the produce supply chain by enabling producers and retailers to deliver harvest-fresh, tastier, and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables. Akorn’s coatings can be customized on-demand and on-site for different crops, with a broad range of additional functionalities (antimicrobials, fungicides, surface finishes, etc.). 
ClimateCrop Ltd.
ClimateCrop™ uses gene editing to unlock the potential of plants to harness more energy, store more carbon, and produce higher yields of crops and trees. As a result, grain and industrial material supply is increased while enhancing plant carbon sequestration.
De Novo Dairy
De Novo Dairy is a precision fermentation company, registered in June 2021 and owned by De Novo Foods Inc., located in Delaware, USA. The start-up uses precision fermentation to produce cruelty-free animal-based proteins that respond better to human nutritional needs, as they contain higher protein concentrations than natural cow milk. De Novo Dairy is also developing the human milk protein lactoferrin to address the dietary necessities of infants. In addition, the start-up specializes in producing thermoresistant proteins that make the precision fermentation manufacturing process more accessible and affordable.
Biotic envisions a world where plastic is not a concern. They use macroalgae and secret recipe to create fully bio-based, fully biodegradable PHBV polymers.  BIOTIC's solution is enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, contributing to the reduction in greenhouse gas emission with a zero waste and circular economy approach.
InfiussHealth is building a blueprint for an end to end, first of its kind, decentralized platform for running clinical research with a specific focus on the African Continent. They are building highly study-specific and very flexible solutions that allow sponsors to find the right participants, sites, and primary investigators so that they can run fully remote, or hybrid, clinical research studies.
Infiuss Health is bridging the clinical researchers gap by connecting researchers to millions of Africans eligible for these studies. Through a direct-to-patient approach, our goal is to decentralize clinical trials through a unified platform.
OMS (OCP Maintenance Solutions) is an asset management consultancy and software development company specializing in advanced Reliability and Maintenance 4.0 solutions for multiple industries. Through the utilization of cutting-edge IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning technologies, it developed highly trusted software toolkits for Predictive Maintenance 4.0 tailored to its customers’ requirements.
Logidoo is a digital platform specialized in transporting goods to and from Africa. It connects African markets thanks to intelligent logistics that solve all the problems relating to the lack of traceability and tarif barriers.
SensThings creates solutions that automate decision-making by using smart sensors and embedded Artificial Intelligence applied to agriculture and other global industries.
Photons Analysis has developed a laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology consisting of rapid in situ soil tests for agronomic purposes.
AES (Aerodrive Engineering Services) specializes in the development of integrated technological solutions as part of the digital transformation strategies of Moroccan companies. The technological solution consists of software and robotic systems (drones, embedded systems) designed during the entrepreneurship module at EMINES on the UM6P campus.
MLMS Services is an operating company focused on the study, design, training, development and sale of information, communication services and systems related to applied mathematics and scientific computing.
Mascir Valor is a joint-venture between UM6P Ventures and MASCIR aiming to accelerate the transition of projects financed by Mascir into the market. The MAScIR Foundation is a non-profit association associated with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. Created in 2007, it aims to promote and develop technological research centers in the fields of materials and nanomaterials, biotechnology, microelectronics, and life sciences.