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WafR  is an app that enables retail brands to deliver smart promotions to grocers in order to increase their market share in the traditional channel. The startup supports retailers and helps them increase their market share.
Logidoo is a digital platform specialized in transporting goods to and from Africa. It connects African markets thanks to intelligent logistics that solve all the problems relating to the lack of traceability and tarif barriers.
Weego was founded in 2019 and was part of the 212Founders incubation program in Morocco in 2020. The startup benefited from the support of the Digital Innovation Lab (OCP Group) in order to carry out a proof-of-concept and conduct a pilot with transportation company SOTREG, a subsidiary of the OCP Group.
It is a Digital platform for mass transit with synergistic business segments:
- Powered by Weego – SaaS: Enables corporations and transit agencies to provide optimized mass-mobility solutions via SaaS offerings.
- Powered by Weego – M-ticketing: Makes real-time multimodal itineraries for travel and M-ticketing for all public transit operators in Africa including buses, trains and metros.
- Fulfilled by Weego: Users book seats on vehicles available exclusively for the Weego app to commute every day. Based on the reservations, the algorithm calculates and suggests an optimal route for the driver to minimize travel time, waiting time and the number of vehicles required to serve different destinations.
Smartprof is a tutoring marketplace that connects K-12 students with qualified tutors to help improve their performance and track their progress through follow up tools. The platform offers tailored 1:1 session with small group classes at affordable prices. Smartprof also has a simple on-boarding process and offers a free trial session.
Spotter is a technology startup. Its mission is to enable businesses of every size – from new startups to big companies – to instantly assess the creditworthiness of their check paying customers.
Spotter is building its services around secured APIs, a part of the open banking ecosystem, in order to help its users quickly distinguish between a serious customer paying by check and another customer for whom the transaction will be declined.
The Spotter web and mobile application will be offering businesses instant visibility in terms of creditworthiness based on accurate banking data in order to counter any check fraud possibilities.
Bluedove is a start-up specializing in data acquisition, problem design and cognitive solving as well as secure local data storage. We use data, as a raw material, to drive efficiency in different fields to help our continent avail itself of its own wealth before foreign industries create hard market barriers to entry.
One of our solutions, referred to as the "NO WAITING SYSTEM", is a system based on the acquisition of human and object flow data, through the Deep Learning robot developed 100% by BLUEDOVE, offering satellite-based services for assistance, access control and flow management.
Jibly is a food delivery service application that empower women by providing them with a platform from which they could earn money by connecting them to consumers looking for healthy meals.