Who we are

UM6P Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm. It is the investment arm of UM6P whose mission is to develop entrepreneurship and accelerate science innovation take-to-market in Morocco and greater Africa. It caters to innovators and entrepreneurs with early-stage venture projects.

Our Vision

We invest in projects that address viable business opportunities and bootstrap the startups to raise larger rounds of funding.
Identify early-stage
startups with a
potential to scale up
Bring in a venture builder
culture, capacity and structure
to our founding teams
Bootstrap the startup from a
pre-seed phase towards a
series A

Who we back

We are sector agnostic and invest in areas such as :
Pure entrepreneurs startups

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment

  • Rural & Remote Site Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Residential Solutions

  • Soil & Plant
  • AgTech
  • AgFood

  • AI (Machine learning, compute, simulation etc)
  • Industry 4.0

Our investment criteria

  • Minimum viable product
  • Identified target costumer

  • High growth potential
  • Competitive advantage

  • Skilled and complementary founding team

  • Viable Business model


What we offer

Our company provides early-stage capital to transition projects from startups to established businesses. Pre-seed and seed capital, either direct or with regional co-investors, is available for maturing startups to ensure continued capital injection and growth.

Our investment tickets can go up to

We give access to best in class labs and resources through the UM6P community and we bring business capabilities and structure to scientists through our Subject Matter Experts to support the start-ups launch and growth

We lead a partner-driven community that fosters experience-based learning through a broad ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, business angels and VCs.


Our partners

Our startups