Blog – Friday July 09, 2021

UM6P Ventures participates in the first edition of the “Call for Projects on Valorization of Research Findings/Innovation” (APVAR 2021)

It is no secret that many research institutions/universities today run on the strength of their intellectual property (IP) assets. When managed properly, IP can produce an investable company portfolio and high levels of returns for their owners, relative to other asset classes/categories.

Indeed, institutions are now aware that the importance of IP cannot be overstated and is contributing more value to corporations than any other asset. However, In the science fields, VCs are critical  because the pace of technology will be slow without access to the capital. VCs are zeroed in and are now willing to invest in science and technology based startups.


23rd June 2021, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) launched a call for Projects on the Valorization of Research Findings/Innovation (APVAR 2021) intended for UM6P researchers. The valorization of the Results of Research/Innovation and Knowledge consists of the conversion of research findings, formalized or not, in the form of patents or other intellectual property rights into innovation. The main objective of this call for projects is to encourage applied research and innovation and to introduce researchers to entrepreneurship. In addition it will  support the development and technological maturation of these startups ultimately resulting in  the commercialization of processes, products and services based on the research findings.


The ultimate objective of UM6P Ventures is to extract and accelerate the value of IP by building and investing in high-growth potential scientific and technology based start-ups. In this regard, UM6P Ventures has developed an offer called “Venture Builder ” that enables universities to transition students and researchers from applied research projects to actual startup creation; in order to access capital markets for further funding or profitable exits/buyouts. 



On June 30, 2021 UM6P Ventures participated at the launch of APVAR. Yasser Biaz, the CEO of UM6P Ventures said: “IP is a key component of any science-based startup. It can generate significant value for universities and help attract the attention of VCs. It can also help early stage ventures to establish and maintain their standing within their particular science and technology field to fully maximise their potential. As such, the founders must be fiercely protective of their IP at every turn,”.