Blog – Tuesday June 22, 2021

UM6P Ventures Portfolio Company Partners with Boston Consulting Group

UM6P Ventures has always had a unique viewpoint when it comes to venture capital funding. We focus on early-stage capital for science-based startups. Many of these companies started as entrepreneurial projects within research institutions. These extraordinarily talented scientists develop amazing inventions and technologies, but many times are unable to bring them to market due to lack of resources, business acumen, or capital. By giving these scientists access to labs, infrastructure and mentorship from both subject matter and business experts these ideas can be accelerated much more quickly into fast growing businesses.

One of UM6P Ventures’ first investments was a business unit within OCP Group called OCP Maintenance Solutions (OCP-MS) that specializes in industrial digitalization and predictive maintenance. The company has now grown into a limited company (société anonyme) and a top performing company within our portfolio servicing corporations all over Africa and beyond. We are so pleased that the company continues to grow, and we are happy to report that OCP-MS has recently signed a partnership with BCG GAMMA, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science entity of Boston Consulting Group’s Casablanca office.  Together they will offer innovative transformation solutions in the field of maintenance and industrial digitalization for industrial operators in Africa and internationally. To read more about the partnership please read the full press release.