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JBILI Abdenour
General Manager
OCP Maintenance Solutions, a reference in Industry 4.0, is an asset management consultancy and software Development Company that specializes in advanced reliability and maintenance 4.0 solutions and services multiple industries.
Khalid Baba
Today, people don’t have time to prepare meals. A lack of options pushes them to choose fast food as it is provided everywhere.
The Jibly application offers you fresh and delicious meals prepared by passionate work-from-home female entrepreneurs.
Delivery service is available wherever you are. 
We can bring your orders to your house, workplace or even your children's school. 
Our mission: To empower women by providing them with a platform from which they could earn money and reduce the overconsumption of junk-food.
Mohammed-Amine HEJJI
BLUEDOVE is a start-up specializing in data acquisition, problem design and cognitive solving as well as secure local data storage. We use data, as a raw material, to drive efficiency in different fields to help our continent avail itself of its own wealth before foreign industries create hard market barriers to entry.


One of our solutions, referred to as the "NO WAITING SYSTEM", is a system based on the acquisition of human and object flow data, through the Deep Learning robot developed 100% by BLUEDOVE, offering satellite-based services for assistance, access control and flow management.